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Will Language Tests For Foreign Nurses Be Easier?

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A quality-sensitive translation company’s work does not finish when the actual translation is delivered.

Rosetta Translation’s additional Feedback / Wrap-up Loop ensures that the client gets maximum value out of each individual assignment. An interative editing process based on client feedback guarantees client satisfaction and long term benefits.

With explicit client permission, translation of client- or industry-specific terminology derived from the assignment will be stored in the client database at Rosetta. We offer this additional service free of charge to our repeat customers. This database will then be made automatically available to translators and proofreaders working on future assignments. As a result, linguistic consistency is guaranteed, and production costs of translation work can be reduced in the medium term.

Feedback / Wrap-up Loop
  • Iterative amendments made on the basis of client feedback
  • Feedback added to client file for use in future assignments
  • Updated glossary of client and industry specific translations presented to client for review
  • Integration of reviewed client glossary and terminology in client-specific translation memory database at Rosetta Translation, to be used in all future assignments for the client

Jackie Brook, Sr Product Manager

American Express

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service.

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David Savell

Bark & Co Solicitors

I have been extremely happy with your fast, efficient, low cost and friendly service which has been received well by both myself and my client

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