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The Tanks: Language And Translation At The Tate

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Rosetta Translation provides a full range of Welsh translation services to companies worldwide.

Top Quality Welsh Translation Services

Rosetta Translation is a leading multi-sector Welsh translation specialist and its areas of expertise include the following:

We assign every single translation to the most appropriate specialised team of highly qualified Welsh translators, proofreaders and editors, thus making sure of a consistent and excellent quality of Welsh translation in each of these areas.

Combined with our use of translation technology and our extraordinary flexibility as regards client needs, this results in the professional and reliable Welsh translation service that our regular customers expect and value.

We also provide Welsh interpreting services in London and worldwide.

For a free instant quote, please contact us at any of our local offices in London, Shanghai, New York, Paris or Luxembourg.

Accredited Welsh Translators

Rosetta Translation one of the few translation companies that holds both the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 accreditation as well as the DIN EN 15038 certification, the only norm that is specifically designed for translation services. Our customers can therefore rest completely assured of the consistent and excellent quality of our Welsh translations.

Welsh Translations can of course be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

For a free instant quote, please contact us at any of our local offices in London, Shanghai, New York, Paris or Luxembourg.

English to Welsh Translation

For all our English-Welsh translation assignments, we use experienced, native Welsh translators – capable of translating the different dialects of Welsh (North, South, etc.), all of whom specialise in a number of different areas of translation to give the best possible results for our customers. We then make sure the formatting is correct, which is particularly important for Welsh with its important system of diacritics, have the document proofread by an experienced, professional third party, all of which culminate in providing a final translation of excellent quality.

Welsh (Cymraeg) is a Brythonic-branch Celtic language, spoken mainly in Wales and around the Anglo-Welsh borders. Interestingly, there is also a tiny pocket of speakers in Argentina. Welsh has recently enjoyed a strong revival in Wales following the Welsh Language Act 1993, which now means it enjoys equal status with English.

At Rosetta Translation, our native translators have an in-depth knowledge not just of the language in question, but also have the ability to tailor translations to various communities and registers.

Welsh to English Translation

Whatever the exact nature of your Welsh-English translation assignment, complex and technical or more basic in style, Rosetta Translation has experienced translators on hand to deliver, with expertise in a number of areas, from technical computer jargon to pharmaceutical industry terminology.

As an internationally aware company, we operate as worldwide a service for our English translation as we do for our other languages. This means that we can provide English in any of the many existing dialects, whether you need British English, American English, Australian English, even Jamaican English, we have the know-how and the expertise.

Jackie Brook, Sr Product Manager

American Express

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service.

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David Savell

Bark & Co Solicitors

I have been extremely happy with your fast, efficient, low cost and friendly service which has been received well by both myself and my client

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