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Here at Rosetta Translation we offer a full range of court interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients.

What is Court Interpreting?

Interpreting (also known as interpretation, spoken translation or oral translation) consists of translating the spoken word orally. Court interpreting, also known legal interpreting or judicial interpreting, involves interpreting during legal proceedings, whether these take place in a court room, tribunal or conference hall.

When is Court Interpreting Used?

Court interpreting is useful – and indeed needed – for any court proceedings, where an important participant in the proceedings, such as the defendent or a witness, does not master the local language, and therefore cannot follow proceedings adequately. Sometimes, more than one language pair is required.

Court interpreters have a considerable amount of responsibility as any mistakes made could undermine the case in question. They also face more difficult working conditions than other interpreters as court rooms are not usually equipped with booths and interpreting equipment (except in the United States). Their work involves interpreting for speakers who are often nervous and unused to public speaking, which adds to the challenge and demands an even greater level of concentration. As such, court interpreters may ask the judge to be allowed a break during proceedings.

Court Interpreting Services in London

Headquartered in central London, here at Rosetta Translation we are ideally placed to organise court interpreting in London, whether it is consecutive, simultaneous or whispered interpreting (chuchotage) that you require, or a combination of different modes. For more information on the different modes of interpreting please visit our main interpreting services page.

If you require a written translation of legal documents, please visit our legal translation page.

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