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Rosetta Translation provides a full range of Punjabi translation services in London and worldwide.

High Quality Punjabi Translations

Our company is a multi-sector Punjabi translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:

We guarantee a consistently high quality of Punjabi translation in each of these various fields by making sure we assign every translation to the most appropriate specialised team of highly qualified Punjabi translators, proofreaders and editors.

We also provide Punjabi interpreting services in London and worldwide.

For a free instant quote, please contact us at any of our local offices in London, Shanghai, New York, Paris or Luxembourg.

Highly Accredited Punjabi Translators

Rosetta is one of only a handful of translation companies to have achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification as well as the DIN EN 15038 norm, the only certification that specifically deals with translation services. Our customers can therefore be completely sure that the quality of our translations is consistently high.

Combined with our use of translation technology and our extraordinary flexibility with regard to client needs, this results in the professional and reliable Punjabi translation service that our regular customers value.

Punjabi translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

English to Punjabi Translation

For English-Punjabi translations, we only use experienced, native translators, all of whom specialise in a number of different areas of translation to give the best possible results for our customers. We then make sure the formatting is correct, providing an overall final English to Punjabi translation of excellent quality.

Punjabi is the world’s tenth most widely spoken language, with approximately 100 million native speakers in India and Pakistan alone. The UK boasts 800,000 Punjabi speakers and there are also significant populations in Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. Punjabi originates from the Punjab region which spans north-western India and part of Pakistan. Punjabi is the most widely spoken language in Pakistan despite not having an official status there. It is also the official language in which all Sikh ceremonies take place. There are two written forms of modern Punjabi: the Gurmukhi script, used in the Indian Punjab and the Shahmukhi (Perso-Arabic) script, used in Pakistan. India is currently the world’s twelfth largest-growing economy.

Punjabi to English Translation

Whether your Punjabi-English translation assignment is complex and technical or of a more basic nature, Rosetta Translation always has experienced translators on hand to deliver, with expertise in a wide range of areas, from esoteric medical terminology to complex legal jargon.

All our Punjabi to English translations are carried out by native English speakers with relevant qualifications.


Why Translate Between English and Punjabi?

Punjabi is spoken by the Punjabi people native to the Punjab regions of Pakistan and India. With a total of 113 million native speakers with the majority of those in Pakistan, it is the 9th most widely spoken language in the world. During the colonial era, a significant number of Punjabi speakers emigrated to other parts of the Commonwealth, notably the UK and Canada, resulting in the well-established Punjabi diaspora in these countries today. With Punjabi being the fourth most-spoken language in the UK and the third in Canada, this means an increased demand for translation back and forth between this language pair.


What Script do I Need for my Punjabi translation, Shahmukhi or Gurmukhi?

Punjabi is one of the few languages that have two recognised alphabets as their script, which are both mutually intelligible: Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi. Although Gurmukhi is the official standard script for Punjabi used in professional settings, schools and in general media, in Pakistan, Shahmukhi is generally used. Therefore, when requesting your translation into Punjabi, it’s important for us to understand your target audience so that you know your text is going to be appropriate for your intended purpose. At Rosetta Translation, we work with Punjabi-English translators who will be able to produce your translation into either of the scripts so that you can be certain that your translation is perfect, every time.

Formatting in Punjabi

As we’ve already seen, Punjabi has two distinct alphabets that can be used in its written form. When translating documents however, extra care has to be taken for languages that do not use the same script as each other. Both the Punjabi scripts need more height space than their English counterparts, meaning if done incorrectly, your Punjabi text can look squashed and poorly executed. Our translators are well experienced in making sure that the Punjabi target language is written not just fluently, but legibly also, so you can be sure that your text will be easy to read by your target audience.

Interpreting Punjabi and Setting the Tone

Punjabi is what is known as a tonal language, where the pitch, not just the sound, of a word, helps change or convey the speaker’s meaning. This means that two words that are a similar sound can be differentiated between using pitch. This means that, in spoken Punjabi, it is important for the speaker to make sure that they are effectively conveying the subtle changes in the word that Punjabi speakers’ ears are very highly tuned to, that native speakers of languages without tone would not necessarily be.

As tone can change a word significantly, it is imperative that an interpreter is able to use them fluently to avoid the difference between, say, complimenting someone, and being dismissive or impolite. For example, the words in Punjabi for house and dandruff are only a tone apart, so complimenting someone after they allow you into their home can turn into a very embarrassed self-conscious host scrambling for the Head & Shoulders…

By choosing to go with Rosetta Translation for your Punjabi – English interpreting projects, you can rest easy, knowing that your interpreter is a master of producing and understanding tones so you can be confident that your meaning will always be conveyed.

Andreea Mohan

Taylor Wessing LLP

We are very pleased with the services provided by Rosetta Translations. They always send very prompt responses, transparent prices and deliver their work product at the highest standards.

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Jackie Brook, Sr Product Manager

American Express

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service.

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Conor McLarnon

Maximus Crushing and Screening

I have translated multiple projects with Rosetta now and I cannot emphasise how great the service they provide is; quality, turnaround time and pricing is the best I have found yet. The qualities of translations we receive are of the highest standard and communication from the start of a project to the end is consistent.

For a company looking into translations, I would highly recommend Rosetta as first pick, as the support and service they provide is first class.

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